"You don't have to live with them"


About Spider Sprayers....

Spider Sprayers is a Gippsland locally owned business, providing the control of spiders, flies and mosquitoes in your home, garage and work place.

The aim of Spider Sprayers is to:-

• Reduce the presence of Spiders and the associated risks.
• Reduce annoying Flies and Mosquitoes and potential exposure to the diseases they carry.
• Reduce housework by removing unsightly cobwebs.

The treatment used is based on a naturally occurring product which has been selected for its friendliness to humans and pets. It is also effective over a long period of time. The products are odourless, non-staining and safe.

Our technicians are licensed, trained and qualified. They will be happy to give you an obligation free quote, while answering any further questions you may have on the procedure.

Spiders, flies, mosquitoes “You don’t have to live with them”, so give us a call on  1300 0 Spiders (1300 0 77433)


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