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Frequently asked questions....
1. How long does it last?
The product we use has a proven sustained residual activity that lasts for months. Prolonged dusty conditions may require an occasional light hosing of treated areas to restore activation. Adverse weather conditions may also break down external areas sooner than inside.

2. How long does it take?
The technician will take approximately 2 hours.

3. How much does it cost?
This is covered in the rates section, found above.

4. How much for travel to rural areas?
No additional charge.

5. Do weather conditions affect spraying?
Yes if it is expected to rain or raining or excessive winds, spraying will be re-scheduled.

6. What insects is it effective on?
Flies, Spiders and Mosquitos, being the common summer pests. However, the treatment will also help control several other species of insects including mites, moths, beetles, silverfish, earwigs, fleas.

7. Why did I find insects inside after treatment?
Our treatment although effective, is not immediate. Spiders may enter your home through washing, or flies through open doors. You may also find certain crawling insects come straight under your door. Given time they will all become affected by our treatment, remembering the larger the insect, the longer it takes. We do not treat cupboards, behind curtains or under beds; so if you find there is a problem in these areas, mention this at time of treatment.

8. Do we have to leave the premises?
The premises need to be vacated for at least 2 hours on completion of spraying inside. If only the outside is sprayed there is no need to leave the premises.

9. How toxic is it? What about our plants and pets?
The product has a low toxicity rating, less toxic than many cleaning products used in the home. It also has no adverse effect on plants or animals (with the exception of fish).

10. Do you find the same result each year?
You may find a difference from the first year to the second. The treatment and method is the same but you may find fewer dead insects. This is not uncommon as the initial treatment breaks the insect's breeding cycle. However, some unusual climatic conditions, e.g. wet winter, warm/hot summer may induce some insects to breed more ferociously. Remember - the insects have to come into contact with the surface for the treatment to take effect. Accordingly, you may initially still find some insects remain active, particularly flying insects, immediately following treatment.

11. What do we have to do before you come?
This is covered in the treatment section

12. What do we need to do after you leave?
Upon re-entering the house open doors/windows to fully ventilate. Remove all paper and place in rubbish bin, wash covers and wash hands immediately afterwards.

Detergent neutralizes the treatment. Do not wash treated areas e.g. skirting boards, window frames. Leave spider webs up for 1 - 2 weeks then brush them down with a broom.

13. How often is treatment required?
The majority of our customers receive treatment once every 12 months.

Additional Information:
Wet areas such as the bathroom where constant steam from the shower can reduce the duration of the product.

Windows can be wiped with a damp cloth after spraying to remove over spray if needed.

Outside effectiveness is lessened with dust build up which insulates the pest from the product. Note however sometimes a light wash of the walls will re-expose the product and make it more effective.

Do Not Pressure Wash.

Do not use Bore Water to wash walls as it neutralises the product.


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