"You don't have to live with them"


Our Method of Treatment....
The aim of Spider Sprayers is to:-

• Reduce the presence of Spiders and the associated risks.
• Reduce annoying Flies and Mosquitoes and potential exposure to the diseases they carry.
• Reduce housework by removing unsightly cobwebs.

We offer "Fence to Fence" coverage.

On the outside, our service includes the full spraying of the house, under the eaves, clothesline, outdoor furniture, outdoor play sets, cubby-house, rubbish bins and pot plants.

On the inside our service treats under your whitegoods, skirting boards, door frames, window frames and ceiling. Where access is available, we 'dust' the roof void.

Pests controlled by the treatment include; Spiders, Flies, Mosquitoes, Earwigs, Fleas, Silverfish, Ants. Basically most of your creepy crawlies that cross the treated area will be taken care of.

The treatment used is based on a naturally occurring product which has been selected for its friendliness to humans and pets. It is also effective over a long period of time. The products are odourless, non-staining and safe.

To assist you in preparing for our arrival, please read through the following:

Cover with newspaper, old sheets or towels that can be washed:-
All food preparation areas
Pillow end of bed (1 Metre)
Dining table

Place in cupboard or cover
Toilet Paper
Tissue (turn box upside down)
Baby changing area’s

We don’t spray in walk in robes or walk in pantry (unless specific problem or requested.)

Fish Tanks:
Fish ponds / fish tanks must be covered and air pump turned off.

Tip bowls over
Ensure pets are out of the house
Product kills fleas, can spray the kennel.

Clothes Line:
Remove washing

After Spraying:
Its recommended you don’t enter the house for 2 hours after we spray inside. Once dry there are no vapours. Open doors to ventilate if concerned with smell.

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